French – Building on Basics

A few keen learners started the class in September 2021 as planned, before Covid-19 took over our lives, but we soon had to give up.

We started again in September 2022, on Friday morning at 10.15, lasting an hour and thirty minutes, with a coffee break. It is a class for false beginners, i.e. people who have a little knowledge of the language. The emphasis is on speaking and understanding oral French.

We are now moving into a class called “Building on Basics”, same time same place.

The details are as follows:

French Building on Basics class
Friday morning 10.15 to 11.45
Methodist Church
The Cross

Payable in block at the beginning of each half-term, about £3.00 per week.

We have just started Facon de Parler 2; 4th edition, student’s book. The U3A has bought a few copies they can lend to students, or you can buy your own copy if you prefer, to write in it, for eexample.

The Spring term of 2024 will start on Friday 12th April and will finish on Friday 19th July, unless we decide to make it a shorter term. We may also have to cancel some classes when too many students are away on holiday (quite frequent in June).


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