Science & Technology

Second Fridays a.m. at the Wheatpieces Community Centre.

  • Room 2    10.15 for 10.30 start               
  • Free parking   
  • Bus route 42/43/71     
  • £2 meeting fee



Oct 18th

The Chemistry of Cleaning and Disinfection

        Given by Mike Barrett

Nov 10th

             Erasmus Darwin

                     The Great Grandfather of Evolution

Given by Dr Bob Walton

Dec 8th

Where do we go from here?

                 A general discussion about future meetings

      Followed by a Science/Christmas quiz designed by Bob Walton

Jan 12th

Aircraft Navigation – from Burning Beacons to Autoland
                   given by Dave Peet

Feb 9th   

Risk Assessment – do we really need it? 
                   given by Vince Turner

If you wish to contact Richard, group leader, to express interest in this new group and especially if you can offer a talk/presentation then please use the form below or the contact details in our newsletter.

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