French – Intermediate

We are a small group which meets every Thursday afternoon between September and June (except for a couple of weeks over Christmas). This September we will be starting a new textbook, Façon de Parler 2, which will remind us of our grammar, test our comprehension and provide us with lots of useful vocabulary and phrases for use in our conversations over in France. Each week we study a dialogue and do a couple of written exercises for homework. We test our listening and comprehension skills by using recordings of French people speaking on various subjects.

We also read and translate pages from our French magazine, Rendez-vous, for news of France, its customs and its regions. Everyone groans when we read the “jokes” in the magazine, and we dread being asked to fill in the crossword in class or to describe the differences, in French, between two pictures. It is a great way of revising and learning though!

Our Thursday meetings finish well before dark in the winter. We always learn something new and we always enjoy the class; there is never a dull moment.

If you would like to try one session with a view to joining us, please do; just let me know beforehand using the contact form below.

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