Strumming for Fun Group

The Strumming For Fun Group meet weekly for two hours of strumming fun.
If you’ve a guitar, whether a beginner or a seasoned strummer, come and join us.

We meet at Treddington Village Hall every Wednesday 10.00 -12.00

For more info contact Nigel using the form below.

    The group’s display table at the TUTA Open Day in November drew a lot of interest and we recruited three new members. We have played two performances at Upton Baptist Church – in December we played and sang Christmas carols and in March we played some popular songs to a large congregation which joined in with some hearty singing. The strummers were well received at both enjoyable events.

    You may ask yourself what it’s like to join the strumming group. Well, the following comments are from two of our most recent new members . . .

    “I joined the strummers group about 3 months ago after a chance meeting with someone I know. It’s quite difficult as an older player to find fellow musicians to play with who haven’t got a lifetime of experience behind them. This friendly group, which includes a number of other instruments, gives that opportunity. It also teaches you about timing. So far I have played in one concert and learned some new songs and skills. While we have some way to go, it’s nice to learn together”.

    “I joined the Tewkesbury U3A Guitar group just before Christmas last year and was made to feel very welcome – in fact the second time I played with them was at their (now our) first gig. The aim of the group is clear, that is, to create a space where guitar players of all abilities can meet and play together. Music choices are a group decision but there’s nothing too complicated and we try to write things out so we can at least start and end at the same time. Experienced players are encouraged to help less experienced players, and less experienced players are challenged to practice and make progress. So if you’ve just started, or not played much since college, or since you had kids, whatever; pop along and have a listen.

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