This group currently meets at Clee House, Lanescourt Close, Tewkesbury GL20 5JQ

First, third and fifth Monday of each month, from 2-4 pm.

Our Scrabble is stimulating, challenging and FUN! Beginners are welcome – and you don’t have to be good at whole-rack 7-letter anagrams, like they have on the TV show Countdown – you can make a lot of points using only one or two of your letters, if they are strategically placed.

We do have lists of some very strange 2-letter words, to check out the possibilities…

We sometimes [by prior agreement] use a recent official Scrabble rule, where you replace the blanks [steal them] if you have the right replacement letter, and it is your turn to go.
You can also lay down tiles in the same go – using the stolen blank if you wish.
This switches the advantage remarkably from player to player.
Who said life was fair?

The leader is Val, so if you are interested in joining please contact her by clicking the contact form below or using the details in the newsletter.


    Some of us are now playing online, using the program Internet Scrabble Club, which seems to work across all platforms, and a wide range of computer kit. It works just the same as a normal Scrabble game between two players, with the usual bonus of 50 for using all your letters in one go [as Steve of course does regularly … ]

    If you want help with the program, put into your url/http box at the top of your online browser, and have a good read of the help articles, to familiarise yourself with the possibilities, before you start.

    On this program, you can set up particular Buddies, so that you only need to play with friends and/or other members of the group.

    You can also play with random individuals internationally [I only play with friends and group members, so can give no advice on random playing – Carol M].

    There is a “chat” line, to comment as you play, so it’s very useful to have a keyboard attached, and I always use a mouse for picking up the tiles.
    [I may experiment soon with using Zoom at the same time, allowing real face-to-face games…]

    We contact one another individually, and arrange games ad hoc, to fit in with our current very busy schedules [?!].

    There are other online Scrabble programs, which may suit those who have smart phones with lots of “free” mobile data. If anyone can recommend a particular program which they find easy to use, please let us know and I’ll add it to this page.

    Carol M

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